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West Coast Restoration & Cleaning

We are a family owned and operated company located in the heart of San Diego. West Coast Restoration & Cleaning was established in 2009 after months of research and development. We currently operate with the industries most effective Restoration systems and strategies to get the best results for our clients. Our philosophy dictates that if the client is not 100% satisfied, we’re not done with the job. Our staff is IICRC certified, and we are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

General Contractor Lic #1004498

Aerial view of a home in Poway with a West Coast Restoration & Cleaning van
A West Coast Cleaning & Restoration technician advising a client in Poway on the best restoration solution for their home

When the unexpected strikes, you’re looking for someone to advise you and act confidently to make things whole again. That’s West Coast Restoration & Cleaning. With more than 25 years of combined experience in restoration, remediation, and construction, we are ready to burst into action on your behalf.

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Water
  • Mold

… and many other services.


50% of the work we do is the hands-on work of restoring your home or business. The other 50% is helping you navigate the claims process”. While there are many Damage Restoration Contractors you can choose from, not all specialize in, or have a good understanding of how the insurance claims process works. This can lead to undesirable outcomes such as project delays, inferior quality work, or inadequate funds to complete the project properly. Hopefully this is your first and last time, however; if you have never dealt with a property insurance claim before you will absolutely need an experienced advocate and knowledgeable professional to help you navigate the world of insurance claims. There are many potential pitfalls to the claim process, therefore it is important that your restoration contractor have a in-depth understanding of how it works. We have the background, knowledge, and experience to get things done and make sure you are properly prepared when dealing with your insurance company.

“What about my stuff?!”

We have you covered. Our speedy and caring pack-out / storage / pack-back service removes your belongings from your damaged home, packs them into our own containers in an organized way and stores them on our premises until your project is complete. Then, our expert staff brings it all back to you. We’ve gently handled just about everything, from the smallest pair of socks to a grand piano, until your world can be put back together.

Most Important

At West Coast Restoration & Cleaning we feel that all the knowledge in the world means nothing without heart. We care, or we wouldn’t be in this business. We’re there when the going feels rough! Situations vary. We’re ready to work with you and take the approach that will help you the best. We’ll communicate in a way that you can understand, so that you know your options and will make good decisions every step of the way.

We’re ready to partner with you in getting things back together! Blue skies ahead! Let’s get this done!