Fire Damage Restoration

From kitchen fires to electrical fires, any type of inferno can leave behind a great trail of destruction. The full extent of the fire, smoke, and water damage will only become apparent after the firefighters bring the situation under control. By enlisting a professional Poway fire damage restoration contractor you will be able to salvage property and restore your home to its original state.

Fire damage may originate from the following events:

  • Wildfires: natural fires from burning trees, shrubs or bushes.
  • Furnace malfunctions: heating appliances can malfunction.
  • Kitchen fires/grease fire: burning food can spark the onset of a house fire.
  • Building structural fires: complex fires, including electrical and synthetic fires

Time is of the essence, and immediate action can result in bettering the chances of salvaging personal property from both fire and smoke damage. Restoring your home or commercial property to its original state after fire damage is a job that requires special equipment and skills. Hire our professionals in Poway for fire damage restoration and smoke damage cleanup services.

Poway Fire Damage Repair

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