Freedom from Respiratory Illness Caused by Mold

Mold allergies cause your immune system to overreact as you breathe in mold spores.  A mold allergy can make you cough, your eyes will itch and can cause other symptoms that make you miserable. In some people, mold allergy is linked to asthma.  Mold exposure causes restricted breathing and other airway symptoms.

Flooding in homes creates a unique environment for rapid mold growth.

Adverse health effects in people exposed to the mold, especially children and adolescents can be triggered when mold is present and unattended.

The West Coast Restoration team cares about your health, safety and well being.  We hate seeing people suffer with health issues caused by the presence of mold. Especially when there is an easy solution: Call us.  Right away. Talk to our team about how the precision mold remediation and restoration work we do can help you prevent exposure to the toxins that are present when mold grows.

Respiratory Illness Caused by Mold on door frames
Toxic mold the West Coast Restoration team found on door frames was hiding under carpet.

How do you know if mold is making you sick?

The Symptoms of Respiratory Illness Caused by Mold

  • Watery eyes
  • Redness of the eyes
  • Itchy eyes, nose and throat
  • Wheezing/shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness
  • Sneezing
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Coughing and postnasal drip
  • Long standing or frequent sinusitis

So if you want freedom from the cause of these nasty symptoms as much as we want you to be free from it, then read on. We’ll discuss how you can free yourself from the oppression of respiratory illness caused by mold. But first, let’s learn a little more about mold sickness.

Mold Complications

Studies have shown that people who are mold sensitive already suffer from allergies and/or asthma. Those with compromised immune systems who occupy damp or moldy buildings are at an increased risk of health problems such as inflammatory and toxic responses to mold spores, metabolites and other components. A person’s reaction to mold depends on their sensitivity and other health conditions, the amount of mold present, length of exposure, and the type of mold or mold products.

Can mold cause upper respiratory problems?

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According to the American Lung Association, even without mold, dampness indoors causes asthma attacks and other upper and lower respiratory problems. Anyone, with or without allergies, may experience irritation of the eyes, skin, nose, throat and lungs when exposed to airborne mold particles. Dampness and mold have been linked to worsening of asthma. Respiratory illness caused by mold is a common problem among doctors who treat respiratory issues.

How quickly can mold make you sick?

These spores reproduce quickly and can take hold in places with poor ventilation and high humidity in less than 24 hours. The problem starts when you inhale these spores. They produce toxic substances that can produce a severe and very unpleasant immune response. In some individuals mold is extremely toxic and can be deadly.

Risk factors

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are many risk factors that may worsen your existing mold allergy symptoms, including:

  • Having a family history of allergies.
  • Working in an occupation that exposes you to mold.
  • Living in a house with high humidity. If your indoor humidity is higher than 50 percent, you may have increased exposure to mold in your home. Mold can grow virtually anywhere if the conditions are right — in basements, behind walls in framing, on soap-coated grout and other damp surfaces, in carpet pads, and in the carpet itself. Exposure to high levels of household mold may trigger mold allergy symptoms.
  • Working or living in a building that’s been exposed to excess moisture. Examples include leaky pipes, water seepage during rainstorms and flood damage. At some point, nearly every building has some kind of excessive moisture. This moisture can allow mold to flourish.
  • Living in a house with poor ventilation. Tight window and door seals may trap moisture indoors and prevent proper ventilation, creating ideal conditions for mold growth. Damp areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are most vulnerable.

Freedom from Mold Related Illness

When disaster strikes then proper mold remediation is your only best option.

Mold Remediation

The West Coast Restoration team is highly trained for proper, precision remediation procedures to ensure your safety.

We will inspect your home for moisture levels and mold growth. Then determine the best solution for your mold problem using only the best products in order to safely remediate mold and mildew infestation. We isolate the work area to avoid cross-contamination of other areas thus safely removing and destroying the growth supporting materials that have mold contamination.

Never ignore any mold or mildew infestations. In addition to the list of symptoms above, some molds can produce extremely dangerous toxins and exposure might cause an invasive infection or even kidney cancer! The serious health problems that can occur to you and your family from mold exposure are serious and devastating.

Proper mold remediation containment system.
Proper mold remediation containment system.


West Coast Restoration is known for our precision, care and expertise to get the job done right quickly the first time so you and your family can get back to normal as quickly as possible. We also make sure you get the best value possible because the bottom line is always important. That’s why we’re not the cheapest flood company in Poway, nor are we the most expensive.  We do our best for you and charge a fair rate according to our years of training, experience, and precise attention to detail in procedure of our mold remediation service.

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